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A new start


“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” From the movie The Godfather

December 2012. I have been soul searching. It occurs to me that I have been working in event planning for over 17 years now. I’ve been a business owner for 14 and a wedding planner for 12. With a degree in political science, this wasn’t really the career path I expected. Life has brought me here after a series of twists and turns. 

After living many years in Montréal, I’m back in Québec City, my hometown. The wedding market has changed. Coordinators, planners, matchmakers and event designers abound now. I wonder if I should continue on this path. In other words? It’s a mid-thirties life crisis! That’s when my phone rings. I’m being invited to an interview with Avanti Ciné Vidéo for a new wedding show on Canal Vie.

January 2013. I learn I’ve been handpicked for the show. End of crisis! But I’ve got to get to work and fast. 

The show Je marie mes parents has kids organizing their parents’ wedding*. They start by choosing a wedding planner from three candidates who each present them with a project. I worked on nine shows, so I prepared nine projects. And very soon you’ll find out which projects were chosen! Unfortunately, you won’t see everything the planners prepared since only a few excerpts of the kids’ interviews are shown on screen. But I can tell you that all of us worked really hard for the families to choose us.

A whole new adventure has begun for me, accompanied by a new logo and website. A fresh new start. The show was the ticket for all this renewal. It was also the opportunity to meet extraordinary families, talented colleagues, passionate suppliers and an exceptionally devoted film crew.

And, most important, that December 2012 telephone call confirmed for me that I am lucky to be doing what I do: being part of a very happy moment in people’s lives. In the end, I really couldn’t ever stop this work I love so much. Not now anyway!

I’d like to share this adventure with you. As the days go by, you’ll find wedding ideas, concepts and advice here on this blog. And, of course, send me your comments and suggestions. I look forward to reading them. 

I’ll be back soon,


*Note to Anglophone readers: Here in Québec, many couples cohabitate and even have children well before they get married. This is widely accepted and turns wedding planning into a lively family event if and when couples do choose to tie to the knot – for the fun of it, and often with their kids’ help!”